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Our Story

Black Boar Heritage Farm
Black Boar Heritage Farm

Nestled into the rolling hills of the Raccoon River Valley, our little 1880's farmstead is just a small patch on a giant quilt of pastures, timber, and cropland, but we take pride in knowing that no matter its size, we're doing our best to carry on the 130+ year legacy of our farm.  Having not been raised in agriculture we've been humbled by the vastness of our ignorance when it comes to farming, but we've also blessed by a community of farmers who have been eager to share their wisdom with a couple of city slickers.  We've enjoyed learning from our new friends and at times, trying things our own way.  Sometimes we fail, but sometimes we learn that the way it has been done isn't always the way it has to be done.

About Us

Dave is a farmer, welder, mechanic, beekeeper, and lifelong tinkerer.  He tends the livestock and bees, preps and cultivates the gardens, and uses his remaining time to tend to the endless repairs that need to be done around here. 


Becky is a plant geneticist, passionate gardener, lunatic canner, soapmaker, and well intentioned housekeeper.  She tends the gardens, washes eggs, manages the heirloom seed business and helps out with chores.  This fall, we welcomed our first child, a baby girl, to the farm.  We're excited to give her the childhood of our dreams, with plenty of room to run and explore, and plenty of opportunities to learn practical life skills. 


Opie is our mischievous blue heeler.  He manages the sticks around the farm and enjoys piercing the eardrums of people or animals who are not where he wants them.  

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