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Pastured Pork

We specialize in the Large Black Hog, a heritage breed known for the red coloration and superior marbling qualities of its meat. The fat of this breed also has a higher smoke point which in turn produces a higher quality lard. Our hogs are raised farrow-to-finish on pasture and woodland ground where they have daily access to a variety of forage plants as well as mulberries, acorns, walnuts, and apples. They additionally receive a free-choice ration of corn, soybean, and mineral as well as tons of produce from our garden.  We do not use hog rings on our pigs' snouts.  Do they root?  Of course, they're pigs!  But any holes they dig can be filled in later.  We've even found it to be beneficial at times, for example when they rooted up and killed the thistle patch we had been battling. 

We offer customers the choice of whole hog (approx 160lb hanging) or half hog (approx 80lb hanging) priced at $3.50 per pound (whole) and $3.75 per pound (half) hanging weight as determined by the locker.  We currently deliver to the Story City Locker and the Kirkpatrick locker in Winterset, Iowa.  Story City offers inspection by the Iowa Dept. of  Agriculture for those wishing to serve to the public.  We are looking into other lockers in Iowa so we can reach more customers.  If you have a locker that you would like us to try, please let us know.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about how we raise our pork or if you would like more information about purchasing pork.  We are more than happy to help first time buyers get acquainted with the process of buying locally raised meat.

You may use the links below to reserve your whole or half hog.  Please contact us before making a deposit to confirm availability, butcher date and location.

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